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A selection of Mike Edwards' portraits of Artist colleagues


Dr. Albert Werth

Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Albert Werth (then Director of the Pretoria Art Museum) by Kirsten Jordaan:

“He works freely, and I think this spontaneity of Mike's work is probably his greatest asset. The Dutch have a name or saying, that is, that if a painting is over finished they call it "plat gelek" - it has been licked flat. He never "licks flat'. You see there is ruggedness, it hasn't been smoothed down and that is a very good factor in Mike's work. Also, I think he can get a very good likeness. There is a head of his of Father Claerhout that is one of his most magnificent, and the one of Frank Spears. I've also seen his portrait of Gregoire Boonzaier that is very good. I've always admired his portraits. I really think that of the sculptors in this country doing portraits, he is probably one of the best”.

Adam Deutromite

Adam Deutromite wrote of Mike’s portrait of Ds. A. P. Grobler in the Windhoek Observer, March 1985;

“This is a slightly expressionistic head modelled thick and strong. The head appears Manneristic, with a goatee beard that helps to elongate the face. The bushy eyebrows and protruding forehead throw deep shadows over the eyes, emphasizing them and making them deeper, brooding. On viewing the face from the front, a slight asymmetrical rendering of the cheeks can be seen. This lends two profiles to the face. Seen from the right, the thinner cheek with its vertical hollow that causes a shadow leaves a stern, ponderous impression on that side. On the left profile, where the cheek is fuller, this slight distortion, with the help of the mouth, gives a mischievous, gnomelike quality to the face. Thus two sides of a character are revealed…A formidable work and a remarkable portrait”.

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