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Tables by Mike

South Africa has a rich history of furniture-making over the past 360 years and tables have been prominent in this area from the 17th Century onwards. Many of the world movements in the field of furniture were followed in our country, brought here initially by the Dutch East India Company and later by French and British settlers, but applied with a unique local flavour. This history has been a major interest for Mike Edwards. The goal with his tables is to make people aware of the value of craftsmanship, uniqueness and permanency of structure. To achieve this he follows the tradition established by the:

  • For the sound structural integrity they achieved.
  • For their wonderful proportional design achievements.
  • For the technical skill in construction.
  • For their use of and obvious understanding of different woods, creating lasting visual delight for the users.

This short résumé serves to introduce him and his tables and hopefully inspire a new appreciation for tables and a move away from flat-packs, flashy design and inelegant proportions.

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