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Mike Edwards

South African Artist

Mike spent many years teaching sculpture & print making in Bloemfontein & Pretoria, South Africa. He has travelled widely and draws and sketches his visits to places of interest, converting these collections of visual information into sculptures, paintings & prints. His sculpture reflects the African landscape, while his portraits in bronze give tangible and visual portrayals of his contemporaries, prominent people and children, of his time.

Mike Edwards the artist on his sculpture

Making 'art-objects' rather than descriptive 'image objects' that attempt the recreating of reality in three dimensions has
been my resolve, my interest and my overriding effort.

Medals awarded to Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards' studio activities

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Abstract Sculpture by Mike Edwards

A selection of commissioned and private bronze, stainless steel and wood sculptures

South African sculptor Mike Edwards spent his formative years in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, in the Karoo and in the Transkei. The ruggedness of the coastal area, the desolate Karoo landscape and the rolling green hills of the Transkei made an indelible impact on him. The landscape, with all its differing forms, remains one of his chief areas of interest.

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Portrait Scuplture by Mike Edwards

A selection of commissioned and private portraits of prominent people, colleagues, family and friends.

Mike Edwards is a keen portraitist and has completed many portraits of public figures, academics and fellow artists. His most important work in this area of interest is a 12m x 3m bronze panel for the Delville Wood Battle Field in Longueval, France. He has recently completed a full-figure portrait of the Rev. John Dube, first President of the ANC (1914) for a National Heritage Museum project.

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Pine sculpture

Sculptures for sale in bronze, wood and stainless steel by Mike Edwards

A selection of sculptures made by Mike.

A selection of scupltures that can be purchased from Mike Edwards that are currently on display at his studio

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Bespoke Tables by Mike Edwards

A selection of tables made by Mike

All tables are design and manufactured to the client's specifications and needs. Browse some of the bespoke tables that Mike has manufactured.

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