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Author: Richard

Looking back at 85

An upcoming exhibition, “Looking Back at 85: A Journey in Art”

Step into the captivating world of Mike Edwards, where the sands of time have not dimmed the flame of creativity but have, in fact, stoked it anew. The upcoming exhibition, “Looking Back at 85: A Journey in Art,” is an intimate collection of thoughts and images that span over six decades of artistic exploration. These treasures have surfaced from the depths of memory, often nestled within the confines of storage, and have been lovingly unearthed during the process of downsizing for a transition to a more compact retirement village unit.

Over the past 18 months, Edwards has been on an ardent quest, one that involves rediscovery, renewal, and the delightful revelation of long-forgotten pieces. Amidst the process of sifting through the past, he has uncovered hidden gems – prints that haven’t seen the light of day for years, sketches brimming with unfulfilled potential, and drawings that once remained locked within the realm of ideas. These encounters with his own artistic history have ignited a fresh passion and excitement within him.

“Looking Back at 85” is not merely an exhibition; it is an odyssey into the artist’s soul, a testament to the enduring power of creativity, and a celebration of life’s intricate tapestry. Mike, now in the twilight of his career, finds himself inspired by the relics of his past. With boundless energy and a heart full of nostalgia, he has embarked on a journey to breathe life into these dormant creations. It’s a process that involves revisiting past works, reworking them with the wisdom of years, and conjuring entirely new masterpieces, both in the realm of graphic art and sculpture.

This exhibition is a poignant reminder that art knows no age, that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected corners of our personal histories, and that the act of creation is a timeless dance between the artist and their muse. “Looking Back at 85” invites you to share in Mike Edwards’ voyage of rediscovery, to witness the renaissance of his artistic spirit, and to be inspired by the notion that the journey of art is one that never truly ends.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey through the accumulated dreams and visions of an artist who, at 85, proves that creativity remains an eternal flame, forever illuminating the path of artistic expression.

The exhibition will be opened by Pieter Mathews

  • Place:

    Association of Arts Pretoria

  • Opening date:

    Saturday 30 September 2023 at 11:00

  • Address:

    173 Mackie Street | Nieuw Muckleneuk | Pretoria

  • Contacts:

    email: artspta@mweb.co.za
    Tel: 012 346 3100
    Pieter van Heerden:  082 774 4390
    Nandi Hilliard: 083 288 5117


  • Golden Gate - Etching, aquatint by Mike Edwards

    Golden Gate

  • Abstract mixed media geometric  relief panel

    Abstract panel

  • Abstract wooden sculpture by Mike Edwards

    Stinkwood abstract

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22422 An Exhibition of wood sculpture by Mike Edwards

Click here to view the Exhibition catalogue

Mike Edwards’ exhibition Statement

I use elements found in the harsh African landscape, carved by wind and rain with growth forms of visual splendour but also menacing in their thorny struggle to survive. This is a landscape that strongly reflects the diversity, intolerance and precariousness found in our African life. I hope to convey these aspects in my non-representational ‘things’. These responses are those that we feel when confronted or exposed to the wonder of the physical world. Also felt are the responses to the innumerable phases, conditions and actions of ‘man’ in general.

In this collection of work, made over the recent past, my emphasis has changed, without conscious planning, from menacing forms, to work that reflects more stability and contentment.

On viewing the work, my grandson’s comment was, ‘they make me happy’.

My wish is for the sculpture to speak for itself allowing each viewer to respond intuitively.

Pieter van Heerden
Director of the Association of Arts Pretoria
extends a warm welcome

23 April – 7 May 2022

Please join us for a glass of wine at the opening of
Mike Edwards 22422
an exhibition of wood sculptures
on Saturday, 23 April 2022
from 10:00 to 12:30

Willi Lottering will conduct the opening address at 11:00

Closing Date
Saturday 7 May 2022

Civitas – Stainless Steel Sculpture


1974 Stainless Steel

The twenty-meter-high sculpture was originally completed in 1974 and refurbished and upgraded in 2008 after being removed in 2007 to make way for a new building on its former site in order to upgrade the complex.
The sculpture was re-erected in a new position on the podium of the CIVITAS building in Pretoria.

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